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Month: July 2020

New Rules for Proxy Advisors Divide Issuers, Investors

Is polarization coming to the financial markets? You might think so after hearing the divided reaction to the SEC’s new rules for proxy advisory firms, which passed at an open meeting of the commission last week. Proxy advisory firms, as ou...

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Issuers Go DIY on Environmental Regulation

In a movie from a more innocent age, Tom Cruise, playing sports agent Jerry Maguire, pleads with a self-absorbed client: “Help me help you.” In a nutshell, that summarizes the pitch just made by investors with nearly $1 trillion in assets t...

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Six New Lessons from Latest Round of COVID-19 Comment Letters

While the COVID-19 outbreak has left many of us hanging around the house for months, that hasn’t stopped the Securities and Exchange Commission from voicing opinions on pandemic-related corporate disclosure. In May, we offered up some preli...

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Goldman’s Call for More Board Diversity Bears Early Fruit

When Goldman Sachs speaks, corporations listen. The influential investment bank’s tentacles stretch far and wide across both the global capital markets and the highest levels of policymaking in the United States. So CEO David Solomon essent...

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Bill Ackman Prepares Mother of All SPACs

Bill Ackman wants to bag an elephant. The hedge-fund billionaire with the flashy and often successful bets is now getting behind a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC. And in typical fashion, he’s going big—preparing to raise $4 bi...

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