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Month: June 2020

The State of COVID-19 Disclosure, Part I: Debt Covenants

It’s coming from celebrities. It’s coming from aunt Sally’s Facebook feed. It’s even coming from heads of state. Misinformation is one of the biggest obstacles in the fight against COVID-19, and it seems to be coming from everywhere. But if...

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LIBOR Transition Gets Real at SEC, OCIE

Remember when you were eight years old and your parents warned you to knock it off in the back of the car, and then warned you again, and then warned you a third time that no really, don’t test us, you better stop? Well, in related news, fe...

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Tesla Meeting, Compensation in Limbo

Tesla was supposed to hold its annual meeting on July 7. But then, when was the last time something involving Elon Musk went according to script? As Musk explained in tweets screenshotted into Tesla’s filing on the matter, the delay gives C...

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Five Procedural Defenses Against Virtual Annual Shareholder Meeting Glitches

When virtual work meetings go wrong, the damage is usually limited. The parent of a rambunctious toddler might suffer some embarrassment, but that’s about it. But for the unprecedented number of public companies that adopted a virtual forma...

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U.S. Regulators Put Squeeze on Chinese Issuers

Unless your head has been buried in the sand for the past few months (and who could blame you?), you will be acutely aware of escalating tensions between the United States and China. While the coronavirus may dominate the headlines, the mos...

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