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Month: February 2022

Landmark Crypto Settlement Still Leaves Big Question Unanswered

Cryptocurrency platform BlockFi Lending counts “pragmatic pioneering” among its values. According to the company website, that means aspiring to “inspire clients to think about wealth management differently” and “changing the status quo.” B...

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SEC Proposes New Pay vs. Performance Rule

How should a public company define success? It’s the kind of abstract question that might appear on a college economics exam. But for more than a decade, it has also been a very real question plaguing the Securities and Exchange Commission....

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Ruling Spotlights Hole in Crypto Accounting

If you were one of the millions of viewers who tuned in over the weekend to watch the Los Angeles Rams outlast the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI, you saw a barrage of commercials for cryptocurrencies and crypto-related businesses. On...

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Gensler Previews Expanded Role of SEC in Cybersecurity

Not so long ago, a consumer data breach at a big-box retailer would turn into headline news for days. Hackers are now setting their sights on bigger targets like government networks and oil pipelines, which raises the stakes for national se...

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Intelligize Report: SEC Steps Up Focus on Quality, Accuracy of Climate Risk Disclosures

As regulatory authorities have ramped up scrutiny of corporations’ reporting on environmental, social and governance issues, they’re probing more deeply into the quality and accuracy of information contained in companies’ public disclosures...

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