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Month: February 2022

(Rooney) Ruled Out? Lawsuit Undermines Perception of NFL Diversity Policy

As corporations have wrestled with promoting diversity and inclusion in their upper ranks, some stakeholders have drawn inspiration from an unlikely source: pro football. However, a new lawsuit may dampen their enthusiasm when it comes to f...

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Star Stocks of Pandemic Begin to Fade

As the preferred strategy for curbing the spread of a potentially lethal virus, social distancing sounds like a prescription for economic malaise. Putting our daily lives on pause wasn’t bad news for every business, though. For example, it...

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Delaware Court Decision Adds to SPACs’ Woes

Not so long ago, special-purpose acquisition companies – more commonly known as SPACs – were Wall Street’s next big thing. The blank-check entities unofficially became a fad around the time SPACs affiliated with celebrities such as Shaquill...

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