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Five Procedural Defenses Against Virtual Annual Shareholder Meeting Glitches

When virtual work meetings go wrong, the damage is usually limited. The parent of a rambunctious toddler might suffer some embarrassment, but that’s about it. But for the unprecedented number of public companies that adopted a virtual forma...

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Intelligize Report: Virtual Annual Shareholder Meetings Are the New Reality

The coronavirus has forced many public companies to go virtual. And, no, we aren’t talking about the switch to remote work. We’re talking about the transition to virtual annual shareholder meetings, which, while prompted by the pandemic, co...

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Coronavirus Likely Means More Virtual Shareholder Meetings

Students at Princeton University received a surprising message from the school yesterday morning: Don’t come back from spring break. Instead, the Ivy League institution is going online as part of a “social distancing” policy to contain the...

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