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Month: March 2020

SEC Offers Direction on COVID-19 Disclosures

The coronavirus outbreak presents something of a paradox for public companies. On the one hand, in disrupting commerce around the globe, the pandemic has presented public companies with a whole host of material risks to their businesses, wh...

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Coronavirus Diagnoses Pose a Disclosure Dilemma

The coronavirus scare unofficially started in the United States on March 11. That was the day NBA all-star Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive for COVID-19, a development that brought the entire league to a screeching halt. That sa...

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GM, Goldman Sachs Offer Model for Rescue Package in Industry

The last time the global economy was spiraling out of control, the American taxpayers’ investment portfolio begrudgingly filled up with some of the corporate world’s biggest brands. As the financial crisis of the late 2000s ravaged companie...

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SEC Eases Audit Requirements for Smaller Companies

It takes a lot to break through the coronavirus-centric news cycle, but this development in the world of financial regulation does the trick. Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted changes that will cut back on auditor at...

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Companies Call on SEC’s Coronavirus Relief

With seemingly every business on the planet affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the Securities and Exchange Commission is taking steps to ease the regulatory burden on public companies. The latest moves came on Friday. Given the suddenly...

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