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Tag: Performance Metrics

SEC Proposes New Pay vs. Performance Rule

How should a public company define success? It’s the kind of abstract question that might appear on a college economics exam. But for more than a decade, it has also been a very real question plaguing the Securities and Exchange Commission....

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Coronavirus Puts Scrutiny on Executive Compensation

One month ago, Bob Chapek assumed the position of CEO in a high-profile changing of the guard at The Walt Disney Company. He’s already taking a pay cut. With the coronavirus continuing to spread, Disney disclosed on March 30 that its execut...

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SEC Serves Up Guidance on Alternative Performance Metrics

When the online consignment shop The RealReal went public last summer, its shares flew off the shelves. On the first day of trading, the stock price popped from $20 to $28.90. Investors liked what they read about the company in its S-1, whi...

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