Photograph of skyscrapers with glass windows from the ground facing up to a blue sky

Month: February 2020

Coronavirus Disclosures, Compliance Starting to Come into Focus

Even before U.S. health officials sounded the alarm about the coronavirus, financial markets were sufficiently spooked by the outbreak this week to prompt a sell-off. As stock prices tumbled and investors wrestled with the prospect of an ec...

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Intelligize Report: Unicorn IPOs Offer Rainbow of Storylines

Last year at this time, Intelligize published its first-ever report on unicorn IPOs. Now we’re releasing our second edition, and like the sequel to a hit movie, this one features bigger names, more funding, and better special effects. Okay,...

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Four Takeaways from the Government’s 2021 Budgets

The White House and the SEC released proposed budgets for the year 2021 last week, and they tell a compelling story of internal conflict. Don’t get us wrong: the proposals are terribly boring to read. But when you step back far enough from...

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Are ESG Ratings Agencies Up to the Task?

Back in the 1980s, Diff’rent Strokes aired a “very special episode” in which the Drummond family taught viewers a lesson about air pollution. On the advice of kooky aunt Sophia, daughter Kimberly uses rainwater to wash her hair before a big...

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Will Regulators Catch Up on Privacy Protections?

For many companies, a $550 million settlement in a class action lawsuit would strike a crippling blow. Facebook isn’t one of them. The social networking giant revealed in a 10-K filing last month that it agreed to pay more than a half a bil...

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