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Month: March 2022

Shareholders Go on Offense Against CEO Pay Raises

In an industry where top leaders routinely angle for lavish new contracts, the University of Michigan and its head football coach reached an unusual deal in early 2021. After the Wolverines stumbled to a 2-4 record in a 2020 season shortene...

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Can ESG Handle Adding an H?

The concept of corporate sustainability has evolved over time beyond just environmental concerns such as carbon emissions and pollution. It now incorporates social and governance issues ­– the “S” and “G” to go with the “E” of what is commo...

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The Climate Disclosure Rules Are Here! The Climate Disclosure Rules Are Here!

The Securities and Exchange Commission this week finally proposed its rules for disclosing companies’ climate change-related risks. If enacted, registered companies would be required for the first time ever to report on their greenhouse gas...

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Fog of War in Russia Impairs Visibility into Companies’ Finances

Hundreds of multinational corporations have ceased doing business in Russia in the weeks since President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of neighboring Ukraine in February. While the withdrawal en masse of major business interests stand...

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Corporations Bristle at Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

For decades, many foreign-policy experts have subscribed to the idea that economic globalization promotes world peace. War with other countries starts to look less appealing to governments as more companies expand their reach beyond the bor...

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