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U.S. Government Officials Move to Curb Money Laundering

This year, America said goodbye to its favorite money-laundering family with the final season of the Netflix drama “Ozark.” The Byrde family – Wendy, Marty, Charlotte and Jonah – introduced casual viewers to the art of washing drug dealers’...

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NFT Regulation Starts to Take Shape

Sports and non-fungible tokens – better known as NFTs – seem like a perfect match. After all, sports fanatics love collecting memorabilia celebrating their favorite players and teams. It should come as little surprise, then, that a survey o...

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The SEC Tackles NFTs

If you don’t understand how NFTs work – or even what they are – rest assured that you aren’t alone. Even the regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission apparently have some questions about non-fungible tokens and how they’re being...

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