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Month: April 2020

Corporate Debt Issuances Spike in Pandemic

In the pandemic, we’ve all become hoarders. Toilet paper. Disinfectant. Meat. And apparently, if you are a public company, there’s another staple you’re stockpiling in the basement: cold hard cash. According to data from the Intelligize pla...

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PPP Presents PR, Accounting Pickles for Public Companies

Shake Shack is one of America’s favorite guilty pleasures. But it turns out the Shack isn’t immune to feeling some guilt itself. Last week, it returned a $10 million loan it had ordered from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). After disc...

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Will COVID-19 Be the End of Quarterly Earnings Guidance?

All investors are familiar with the time-honored practice of earnings guidance, in which publicly traded companies issue projections of their future results. The forecasts give the market hints as to what management thinks about the company...

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Amazon’s Virtual Meeting a Not-So-Prime Opportunity for Shareholders?

Amazon has only strengthened its grip on the retail market as much of the country shelters in place. While it becomes ever more central to the shopping landscape however, Amazon is also facing increased scrutiny over how it treats its workf...

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CARES Act Relief Forcing Companies to Evaluate Loan Agreements

If there’s one thing the federal government loves, it’s acronyms. Capitol Hill has a special talent for shoehorning complicated legislation into pithy monikers to market to voters. Hence the last economic rescue bill became the Coronavirus...

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