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Intelligize Solutions for Private Companies

Preparation is the secret to your success. With Intelligize, you can easily benchmark output from peers to identify market standard language—now even faster with the integration of AI features and new search technologies—optimizing your IPO process and future compliance disclosures. Learn about critical competitor filings (Forms 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K, proxy statements and S-1) and stay on top of the evolving regulatory landscape.

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Thinking about, or preparing to go public?

See others’ recent S-1 and subsequent filings to quickly turn insights into actions that can optimize your compliance strategy. Perform due diligence and analyze industry trends to inform the IPO process. Stay ahead of upcoming developments – particularly in the ESG space and related disclosure – as regulatory and investor demands change.

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What are MY peers up to?

Perform universal topic searching for peer companies across all filings, agreements and exhibits, corporate governance documents, comment letters, and more. Generate multiple redlines of year-to-year changes within specific sections, or leverage AI features in our disclosure benchmarking MD&A matrix to ask questions, compare or summarize topics and positions across peer companies.

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Financial reporting at your fingertips

Ensure your financial reporting is accurate and complete. Leverage FASB, AICPA, PCAOB and IFRS standards connected to disclosure documents, SEC Comment Letters, accounting and law firm guidance, and more to support your financial reporting and disclosure workflow.

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You’re never alone

Just because Intelligize is easy to use doesn’t mean you won’t need our help from time to time. Tap into the expertise of our teams made up of knowledgeable subject matter experts. Whether you need custom product training or expert research support, our teams are here to help.

Case Study:
Financial Compliance for Cohen & Company

Financial services company improves efficiency in peer companies analysis and financial reporting compliance using Intelligize.


Researching in various places to locate and review language in peer company filings and statements, tracking new accounting standards, and drafting language for financial reporting is cumbersome. It involves referencing multiples sources, and requires a great deal of manual effort.


Intelligize makes it easy for Cohen & Company to benchmark output from a range of peer companies to identify market standard language and optimize disclosures and financial reporting language.

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Filters to quickly pinpoint examples of market standard language


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[Intelligize] makes it so easy to find SEC filings and specific key words in SEC filings!

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