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Solidify Your ESG Disclosure with Intelligize

SEC strategy and compliance in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) space can be complicated and confusing. Intelligize gives you the tools to enhance your strategy and perform your due diligence when compiling your ESG disclosures. With our specialized tools, we make researching ESG disclosures and reporting a much more straightforward experience. We streamline the process so you can benchmark against peers and communicate your ESG story with ease.

Enhancing ESG Disclosure Strategy

In a world where ESG is increasingly focused on environmental topics such as climate change, it’s important to remember the other key components including social factors and corporate governance.  It can be challenging to find the exact information you need to inform your company’s ESG-related disclosures. ESG information is often scattered without a centralized database. And when it comes to ESG, the landscape is constantly changing. How can a company committed to efficient and strategic ESG disclosure keep up?

That’s where Intelligize’s Environmental, Social & Governance solution comes in.

With Intelligize’s Environmental, Social & Governance solution, you can streamline your ESG disclosure strategy to efficiently identify trends, research specific language, and determine the market standard language for disclosures. We offer a centralized location for your research on best practices and “what’s market” for all your ESG-related SEC disclosure needs, so you can unearth the insights relevant to your situation with unmatched speed and precision.

Navigating ESG Reporting Standards & Frameworks

Because there are many ESG standards and frameworks, Intelligize has the tools you need to navigate through the collection of frameworks and standards that are currently being used, including but not limited to:

You can search for your industry peers’ disclosures within the platform to better understand the ESG-related disclosure standards of your industry.

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Streamlining the ESG Disclosure Process

ESG disclosure is part of a rapidly evolving reporting landscape encompassing both voluntary and mandatory ESG disclosures. Global shifts toward harmonized disclosure standards are constantly driving change. A company’s ability to keep up with compliance requirements and effective communication proves its commitment to ESG principles.

Understanding how ESG has been incorporated into your competitors’ financial statements can be a time-consuming task. With our solutions, you can streamline your research and get the information you need fast.

Reduce the Likelihood of SEC Scrutiny with Peer Benchmarking

Being seen as ‘green-washing’ or ‘woke-washing’ can lead to regulatory scrutiny as well as potential lawsuits. Intelligize enables quick and comprehensive research of existing ESG disclosure language through peer benchmarking, where you can glean insights from your peers’ disclosures. You can also search earnings call transcripts to examine the types of ESG-related questions being asked of company executives and the answers they have provided.

Benchmarking also helps you gauge whether you’re over- or under-disclosing compared to your peers and competitors. Outliers tend to invite more regulatory scrutiny, potentially becoming the subject of comment letters by the SEC, or risking backlash from activist shareholders or the public.

Our powerful solutions and resources combine ESG information from multiple sources, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the ESG landscape and make informed decisions.

Gather ESG Insights Quickly and Accurately

It can be challenging to incorporate ESG-related disclosures into financial reporting.

With Intelligize, you can easily search through the Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) and Financial Statements sections of SEC filings, and even use eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) tags to gain insight into how your industry peers are disclosing their climate change-related impacts in their financial statements.

This can help you strengthen your strategy for incorporating ESG considerations into your own reports. Our relevant ESG-related content is tagged to provide a wide range of quick filtering options.

The Evolving Landscape of SEC Climate-Related Disclosure Rules

While ESG standards, frameworks, and regulations constantly shift and evolve, Intelligize enables you to keep pace with upcoming developments.

In March 2024, the SEC finalized rules that standardize certain climate-related disclosures by public companies (though the SEC has stayed this rule for the time being). With solutions from Intelligize, you can be certain that you’re staying on top of ESG-related regulatory developments as they happen.

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Intelligize Simplifies Your ESG-Related Disclosure Research

Intelligize solutions can help you enhance your ESG disclosure strategy and better tell your ESG story.

See for yourself—request a free trial of Intelligize today.