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Intelligize+ AI™

With new AI and search technologies, a more modern look-and-feel, plus direct access to real human intelligence, we present the new Intelligize+ AI. Our new platform makes viewing and analysis of SEC Filings even more intuitive—and efficient.

Artificial Intelligence. Search Intelligence.
Real Intelligence.

Intelligize+ AI incorporates new search and AI advancements, combined with the industry’s most rigorous tagging of content and leading filtering functionality to make your SEC compliance research process even more efficient. Our three-dimensional approach to intelligence is designed to empower you to focus on the strategic work only you can do.

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Responsible AI. Intelligently delivered.

As we develop leading AI tools and analytics, we are removing unfair bias, we are accountable and can explain how our solutions work through human oversight, we respect privacy, and we champion robust data governance.

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AI you can trust. From the market leader in SEC compliance research.

Our generative AI is powered by a privately hosted model—never shared with third parties. Intelligize+ AI leverages a complex and proprietary retrieval augmented generation (RAG) process to enhance the accuracy of our responses and make sure answers are heavily grounded in authoritative sources, including links to the citations.

Transforming the future of SEC compliance intelligence

Discover the reimagined Intelligize+ AI platform enhanced with advanced search and AI technology. We’re bringing together our deep pool of SEC disclosure documents with the latest AI technologies to deliver the next generation of Intelligize.

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AI that Answers

Execute a search in SEC Filings or build a matrix within Disclosure Benchmarking and you can ‘Ask AI’ a question about your search results. Ask AI helps pinpoint the most relevant examples or quickly extract one or more specific data points from multiple documents.

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AI that Summarizes

Leverage the AI Summarize feature to provide condensed explanations of sections within a document, reducing the amount of time you have to spend distilling information on your own.

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AI that Compares

Take advantage of AI Compare to review SEC documents quickly. You can view similarities and differences between documents in an easy-to-read list, highlighting areas where disclosure language has changed or differs in substantive ways, enabling faster review and evaluation of documents.

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AI that Enables Benchmarking

Use any (or all) of these features (Ask AI, AI Summarize, AI Compare) to enable faster benchmarking against peer disclosures with our four matrices (Risk Factors, MD&A, Notes to Financials, and Business). With this valuable integration, you can find areas of similarity and differences in peer filings, reduce fatigue in reading vast volumes of text, and mitigate risk with more comprehensive and repeated benchmarking.

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An Intelligize special report on select safeguards against AI’s potentially adverse effects

While We Go “All-In” on AI, Who’s Minding the Store?

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At LexisNexis and across RELX, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the world through our solutions.

RELX Responsible AI Principles

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It’s no surprise that strong beliefs—and fears—about generative AI technologies have been particularly prevalent in some sectors and industries. But what about in securities compliance?

Who’s Afraid of Generative AI?


Access more than 16 million SEC Filings in an instant


Filters to quickly pinpoint examples of market standard language


Total number of SEC Comment Letters and responses

Search Intelligence

Intelligize+ AI includes new search options for intuitive discovery: Expand keywords and conceptual search. You can choose to enhance your Boolean searches with offered variations and high-confidence substitutes to capture more examples for your research scenario. Or choose to go beyond traditional keyword searches for more intuitive discovery of the most relevant documents based on the concepts of underlying queries.

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Real Intelligence from our Customer Research Team

Our commitment to assisting with your most complex research continues with our expert research support staff, now more accessible than ever through in-product live chat.

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Discover Intelligize+ AI

Get the latest technology, a more modern and enhanced user experience, and in-depth subject-matter expertise to quickly find everything you need and return to the strategic work that only you can do.