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The State of COVID-19 Disclosure, Part III: CARES Act Relief

You did it. You’ve reached the third and final installment of our series on the “state of COVID-19 disclosure.” Previous episodes focused on language concerning debt covenants and going concern opinions. Today, we’re going to see what publi...

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Federal Reserve Forces Banks to Stock Up on Capital

Just when it felt like we were getting past the coronavirus, the resurgent disease is forcing government officials to tighten their controls. It’s happening in the Sunbelt, where governors are reversing course and shuttering bars, gyms and...

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CARES Act Relief Forcing Companies to Evaluate Loan Agreements

If there’s one thing the federal government loves, it’s acronyms. Capitol Hill has a special talent for shoehorning complicated legislation into pithy monikers to market to voters. Hence the last economic rescue bill became the Coronavirus...

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Coronavirus Puts Scrutiny on Executive Compensation

One month ago, Bob Chapek assumed the position of CEO in a high-profile changing of the guard at The Walt Disney Company. He’s already taking a pay cut. With the coronavirus continuing to spread, Disney disclosed on March 30 that its execut...

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