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Month: October 2022

Corporate Cybersecurity Concerns Mount as Threats Grow

In the wake of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, businesses quickly realized they had a shared problem: terrorism insurance. Or, more accurately, a lack of it, as premiums for commercial insurance against acts of terrorism skyrocketed – in the...

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Uncertainty Creeps into ESG Reporting

You’ve probably heard of greenwashing – token environmental sustainability programs that help corporations launder their reputations. Now there’s “green hushing.” Green hushing isn’t quite the inverse of greenwashing, but it’s close. Essent...

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FASB (Finally) Backs Fair-Value Accounting for Cryptocurrency Assets

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts don’t exactly seem like rule-following types. In fact, defying convention likely makes up much of crypto’s appeal for many digital-token owners. Pesky things like accounting standards probably don’t even show up o...

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BlackRock Facing Political Pressure from Both Sides Over ESG

Perhaps it’s the curse of being the world’s largest asset manager, but it seems like BlackRock just can’t win when it comes to ESG investing. No one is shedding any tears for an investment firm with $8.5 trillion in assets under its control...

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C-Suite: Into the Metaverse

If you’re not familiar with the metaverse, imagine melding real life with The Sims video games. What may be the first allusion to the idea appeared in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash by American author Neal Stephenson. The book’s...

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