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Month: October 2021

LameStop: SEC Issues Bland Analysis of Meme Stock Fiasco

Economic historians will look back decades from now and marvel at the events of January 2021. As a global pandemic raged and the strangest presidential administration in the country’s history ended, fluctuations in the stock price of a flai...

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A False Flag for Crypto ETFs

The first bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund in the United States got off to a muddled start last week. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF made its debut on Oct. 19 to an eager market, with the offering generating $550 million from invest...

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Securities and Exchange Commission Brings Back Misconduct Admissions Policy

Cancel culture is a hot topic in everything from celebrities to academia to sports. Impolite – or just plain offensive – actions and comments seem to be prompting public apologies and retractions from high-profile figures on an almost daily...

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Executive Compensation: Clawback to the Future

It may seem like only yesterday to politicians, lobbyists and bankers, but the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act – more commonly known as Dodd-Frank – was signed into law 11 years ago. The legislation that was suppos...

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New EU Sustainability Reporting Standards Could Offer Blueprint for U.S.

In the United States, the Green New Deal is a political hot-button issue. In Europe, it’s a set of policies that already have been adopted to transform the European Union’s economy and combat climate change. That includes how companies disc...

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