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Month: July 2022

Coinbase Case Raises Questions About SEC’s Crypto Authority

The Securities and Exchange Commission is continuing to break new ground in the regulation of the cryptocurrency market. Whether the agency should be doing so may depend on who you ask. Last week, the SEC announced insider trading charges a...

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Help Wanted: ESG Auditors and Consultants

Now that the Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed rules for disclosing risks related to climate change, publicly traded companies are starting the heavy lifting involved in reporting the newly required environmental, social and g...

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SEC Overturns Curbs on Influence of Proxy Advisors

Proxy advisory firms weren’t particularly popular with the Securities and Exchange Commission during the previous presidential administration. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the SEC passed rules in 2020 designed to blunt the influence of f...

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SEC Indicates New Concerns Over Auditor Independence

Who’s watching the watchers? It’s a question that has preoccupied conspiracy theorists and flummoxed polities for centuries. It seems to come up regularly in the world of corporate governance, too, when assessing Wall Street gatekeepers who...

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Major Questions Loom Over SEC’s Climate-Disclosure Rules

The Supreme Court’s emboldened majority has used a controversial doctrine favored by conservatives to great effect lately. First, justices relied on it in striking down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s pandemic-related evict...

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