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SEC Eases Audit Requirements for Smaller Companies

It takes a lot to break through the coronavirus-centric news cycle, but this development in the world of financial regulation does the trick. Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted changes that will cut back on auditor at...

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SEC Checks Greenwashing at ESG Funds

When you buy “organic” blueberries at the grocery store, you should be able to trust the label. When you buy “plant-derived” baby soap, you should be able to trust the label. So, when you buy shares in an “ESG” (environmental, social and go...

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SEC Won’t Let Companies Get Intoxicated by KPIs

Was Diageo PLC overserving its distributors? The Securities and Exchange Commission certainly seems to think so. The SEC announced charges last month against the London-based liquor company related to allegations that its North American sub...

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Coronavirus Disclosures, Compliance Starting to Come into Focus

Even before U.S. health officials sounded the alarm about the coronavirus, financial markets were sufficiently spooked by the outbreak this week to prompt a sell-off. As stock prices tumbled and investors wrestled with the prospect of an ec...

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Four Takeaways from the Government’s 2021 Budgets

The White House and the SEC released proposed budgets for the year 2021 last week, and they tell a compelling story of internal conflict. Don’t get us wrong: the proposals are terribly boring to read. But when you step back far enough from...

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