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Five Procedural Defenses Against Virtual Annual Shareholder Meeting Glitches

When virtual work meetings go wrong, the damage is usually limited. The parent of a rambunctious toddler might suffer some embarrassment, but that’s about it. But for the unprecedented number of public companies that adopted a virtual forma...

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U.S. Regulators Put Squeeze on Chinese Issuers

Unless your head has been buried in the sand for the past few months (and who could blame you?), you will be acutely aware of escalating tensions between the United States and China. While the coronavirus may dominate the headlines, the mos...

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EGCs Say Not So FASB on New Lease Standard

You’ve been worried about facemasks. You’ve been worried about antibody tests. You’ve been worried about whether your seventh grader’s brain is atrophying, and also why her school district is sending so very many emails. The last thing you...

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Issuers Get (Halfway) Back Into Spending, Guidance Game

As citizens emerge from shelter-in-place orders and the frozen economy thaws, issuers too have begun a return to normalcy (whatever that is). Some public companies have loosened the spending controls they implemented at the start of the pan...

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M&A Lawsuit Holds Answer to Billion-Dollar MAE Question

The pandemic has given rise to any number of troubling questions: How did it start? Are we “reopening” too soon? Will there be a Major League Baseball season? One such question, with billions of dollars on the line, is this: what happens to...

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