Intelligize Launches Company Insights

Readers of this blog know we use this space to talk substance, not promote our product. But occasionally our developers cook up something that is just too valuable to stay quiet about. Such is the case with Company Insights. This new Intelligize application makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on competitors, which is a game changer for IR departments, among others.

Take the 47 U.S. companies who were just sent letters by some of the largest institutional investors in the world, asking them to disclose whether their lobbying activity aligns (or fails to align) with the Paris Agreement. It’s part of a campaign that will measure the “climate progress” of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters and compare them against each other in a report to be issued early next year.

Certainly, each of the companies targeted by this campaign would be interested to know a lot of information about how their competitors are responding: whether they have disclosed any related information in SEC filings; whether they are addressing the campaign in their investor presentations; whether they are getting asked about it on earnings calls; and whether they are getting good or bad press about their response to it.

(Side note: If they are not interested in this information, they should be. It’s exactly the kind of helpful data we discussed in our recent IR checklist, with strategies for IR departments to speak authoritatively to ESG topics.)

Gathering all that information about competitors would be a serious research project on another platform. But now, with Company Insights, you get it all in one place. On a single interface, users can see all of the above information—public filings, earnings-call transcripts, analyst estimates, and thousands of LexisNexis® news sources—about a single company or group of companies, plus additional data like stock price, ownership information and corporate governance documents. The platform also lets users set up alerts for news, events and other triggers, and includes a collaboration tool that facilitates information-sharing among colleagues.

Here’s how we described the benefits to IR professionals and law firms in our press release:

“The data from Company Insights allows investor relations professionals to provide the appropriate context about their companies’ financial numbers when reporting to investors and the public, to help prepare executives for earnings calls and institutional investor meetings, and to identify emerging issues so companies can anticipate and respond to potentially adverse impacts on their businesses. For law firms and other corporate advisors, Company Insights data helps inform financing decisions and sharpens target/acquirer research in due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.”

We encourage you to take Company Insights for a spin here. And now, back to the news.

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