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Category: ESG

Baristas of the World, Unite?

A Starbucks coffee shop in Buffalo, New York, seems like an unlikely place for a labor movement to start. However, many observers think a vote by store employees to unionize is a sign of more to come. We wrote last month about the growing m...

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SEC Looking Out for Abuses of ‘Spring-Loaded Compensation’

“Spring-loaded compensation awards.” It just sounds cool, right? And if you’re a corporate executive, it is indeed. Spring-loaded awards refer to executive pay sweeteners in which companies provide the recipients with stock options in the b...

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Pressure Mounts for Financial Institutions to Address Climate Change

When we talk about corporate climate-change offenders, the financial sector doesn’t come up very often. Banking doesn’t produce carbon emissions – at least, not more than any other office-based industry. However, that isn’t stopping global...

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SEC Paves the Way for More ESG Proposals

In the perpetual battle between activist shareholders and corporations, the insurgents recently have scored some key victories. In the latest win for activists, the Securities and Exchange Commission is taking steps to make it easier to put...

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Welcome to the New World of Whistleblowing

Corporate whistleblowers are some of Hollywood’s favorite underdogs. Spurred on by a sense of moral obligation, they risk their reputations, their careers and even their personal safety on the big screen to expose wrongdoing by billion-doll...

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