Photograph of skyscrapers with glass windows from the ground facing up to a blue sky

Author: Rob Peters

GM, Goldman Sachs Offer Model for Rescue Package in Industry

The last time the global economy was spiraling out of control, the American taxpayers’ investment portfolio begrudgingly filled up with some of the corporate world’s biggest brands. As the financial crisis of the late 2000s ravaged companie...

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Companies Call on SEC’s Coronavirus Relief

With seemingly every business on the planet affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the Securities and Exchange Commission is taking steps to ease the regulatory burden on public companies. The latest moves came on Friday. Given the suddenly...

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Intelligize Report: Unicorn IPOs Offer Rainbow of Storylines

Last year at this time, Intelligize published its first-ever report on unicorn IPOs. Now we’re releasing our second edition, and like the sequel to a hit movie, this one features bigger names, more funding, and better special effects. Okay,...

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Coronavirus Outbreak Prompts Corporate Disclosures

The outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus has left public health officials around the world taking precautions to limit the spread of the disease, which has already resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people in China. Individuals are also bei...

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Regulators Getting Bad Vibes From Goodwill

The balance sheets of public companies currently hold $5.5 trillion in assets lumped under the heading of goodwill. The term, which connotes feelings of cheer and good tidings, is accounting speak for the difference between the purchase pri...

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