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Month: September 2022

SEC Raises the Stakes for Corporate Whistleblowers

Get ready for more corporate whistleblowers to come out of the woodwork. At least that’s the takeaway from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s latest changes to its whistleblower program. In an effort to fortify investor protections, t...

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Universal Proxy Cards Present Opportunities for Activist Investors

When voters went to the polls in the 2020 presidential election, they probably saw Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the Republican incumbent Donald Trump listed on the ballot. A handful of third-party candidates like Libertarian Jo Jorgense...

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U.S. and China Finally Have an Audit Agreement, or Do They?

If you’re confused about where things stand in the squabble between U.S. regulators and Chinese authorities over auditing standards, you’re probably not alone. About a year ago, Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler sounded...

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