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Month: April 2022

Twitter Investment Could Get Elon Musk in More Trouble with SEC

It’s always something with Elon Musk, isn’t it? Once heralded as a visionary innovator, the CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX now appears more interested in burnishing a reputation as a social provocateur. As his personal fortune has grown, the...

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The White House’s New BBB: Biden Bashing Buybacks

Critics of corporate stock buybacks found a pleasant surprise tucked in President Joe Biden’s budget proposal for the 2023 fiscal year. If enacted, the administration’s plan could transform the practice, which has long been a source of cont...

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SEC Points to SPAC Crackdown with Proposed Rules

You could call it a SPAC attack. The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed a series of new rules for special purpose acquisition companies – better known as SPACs – and their merger targets. If enacted, the proposal would make the...

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