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Tag: Disclosure

SEC Digs Deeper on Inflation Impacts

“Inflation is negatively impacting our business.” As the prices of goods and materials continue to rise worldwide, a growing number of companies are adding some variation of this self-evident statement to their mandatory financial reporting...

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COVID-19 Fears Wane, But Corporations Fret Over Stability

An Intelligize analysis of corporate disclosures has found that while concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic have leveled off, worries over the stability of their workforces and operations are mounting at publicly traded companies. Our resear...

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Corporate Cybersecurity Concerns Mount as Threats Grow

In the wake of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, businesses quickly realized they had a shared problem: terrorism insurance. Or, more accurately, a lack of it, as premiums for commercial insurance against acts of terrorism skyrocketed – in the...

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Uncertainty Creeps into ESG Reporting

You’ve probably heard of greenwashing – token environmental sustainability programs that help corporations launder their reputations. Now there’s “green hushing.” Green hushing isn’t quite the inverse of greenwashing, but it’s close. Essent...

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U.S. Government Officials Move to Curb Money Laundering

This year, America said goodbye to its favorite money-laundering family with the final season of the Netflix drama “Ozark.” The Byrde family – Wendy, Marty, Charlotte and Jonah – introduced casual viewers to the art of washing drug dealers’...

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