Government Agencies

The Intelligize platform provides powerful tools for the financial, legal and Government departments with the power to prepare SEC filings and view industry and regulatory trends with greater efficiency. Subscribers can quickly access and read SEC disclosure documents, locate the most appropriate language, read and select comments made by the SEC, staying updated on marketplace financial transactions.

Government Contractors

The Intelligize platform provides the most up to date information regarding the SEC and most financial transactions. If you need a specific filing within an agency or organization Intelligize can help. Utilizing the powerful search tools clients can pull up information on a specific filing within the SEC. Our database of SEC filings contains all electronically released SEC filings from 1994 to the present, and an indexed list of all SEC filings dating back to 1960. Our newest tool, Registered Offerings allows clients to view specific financial transactions within a database that contains over 15,000 transactions from 2010 to 2015.

Government Agencies

Intelligize also has updated databases for both securities laws and EDGAR filings. Our EDGAR flings tool gives our users the ability to review both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the information contained within the EDGAR database. The Intelligize platform is designed to streamline the time and effort it takes searching for relevant Securities Law information. In utilizing our powerful application subscribers save countless hours of research and boost their productivity. Intelligize strives to deliver tools that produce quality and successful results that benefit our clients.