Research & Prepare Legal Agreements Faster with Agreement Checker

Streamline Your Preparation of Agreements

Agreement Checker is a database of over 5 million material agreements. Whether it’s a Credit Agreement, License Agreement or another type of contract, Agreement Checker helps you prepare better quality documents by quickly allowing you to determine market standard language.

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Clear SEC Review Quickly with Comment Checker

Shorten the SEC Staff Review Process

Comment Checker is the most powerful tool in the marketplace for helping you clear SEC staff review quicker. Easily retrieve on-point responses from your peers to similar comments to your own and preemptively identify issues that have previously drawn attention from SEC examiners.

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Analyze SEC Disclosures & Mitigate Risks with Precedent Analyzer

Reduce Risk When Preparing SEC Filings

Precedent Analyzer is the simple and powerful solution for quickly and efficiently benchmarking and analyzing key disclosures in 10-Ks, Proxies, S-1s and other major filings. You can compare and review updates to individual risk factors, MD&A items and notes to the financial statements.

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