Mergers & Acquisitions

The Mergers & Acquisitions application within the Intelligize platform contains an expansive index of transactions, each valued at $1 million or more. Each complex transaction contains a bundle of relevant filings and exhibits, such as the merger agreement or a press release announcing the deal.

Intelligize users can search for transactions and deal terms using filters such as target/acquirer, transaction type, or transaction size. To view only completed deals, users can limit a search to transactions that have material agreements attached and to those that have definitive agreements.

Exempt Offerings

The Exempt Offerings application within the Intelligize platform contains offering memos and international prospect uses for unregistered offerings under Rule 144A, Regulation S, Regulation D, and several other exemptions. These are a collection of offering documents that are typically difficult to find, and many are international prospectuses with some being unique to the Intelligize collection. This information has been extracted from documents, creating searchable categories like company/ issuer, security type, exemption used, and many other filters.

Information has been extracted from private and foreign offering documents so users can search by company/ issuer, security type, exemption used and many other filters. All of the documents are fully text searchable, making it easier to quickly find information.

Registered Offerings

The Intelligize Registered Offerings database allows users to efficiently research and analyze all 33 Act and 34 Act offerings registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from 2010 to present. This module brings powerful and detailed search functionality that is unique to registered debt and equity issues using search options that address Registered Offering specific terms and agreements within the deal.

The Registered Offerings database within the Intelligize platform will allow users to:

  • Link from an extracted data point to the exact position in the document that the element is extracted from.
  • Search a phrase or text in the paragraph, clause, or sub-clause within any document using defined deal terms.
  • Specifically identify the individual names of attorneys who are involved in a transaction including underwriters, counsel, etc.
  • Link all of the ancillary documents related to each offering (i.e. 8-K, 8-A, 10-Q, etc.).
  • Build league tables by the specific attorney involved in transactions.
  • Data verification throughout the transaction process.
  • Extract fee tables from registration to determine legal fees by offering size or industry.

With over fifty different filter types, including security type, agreement, clause, section, index, and filer type, Intelligize users are able to minimize the ‘false positives’ and get to the best and final set of answers for drafting and analyzing. The Intelligize Registered Offerings module allows for searching within the clause, paragraph, sub-clause, or phrase of not only offering documents, but all documents related to a specific deal from comment letters to the prospectuses, underwriting agreement or indentures, to locate sample language used in disclosures, while also allowing for limiting by key values such as size or type.