Make insightful compliance decisions with data, analytics and expert support.


Content + Context

Discover meaningful relationships with Intelligize, our web-based compliance solution. We’re the only provider that collects, analyzes and connects related documents like SEC filings and associated exhibits, comment letters and responses, deal summaries and underlying agreements, accounting standards and much more—giving you context to go with our content, and enabling you to see the bigger picture.

Mitigate risks by identifying precedents and adopting market standard language. Optimize your disclosure strategy in response to evolving regulatory positions. Build stronger deals and agreements, and strengthen your negotiations. Make informed decisions, faster and easier. That’s the power of Intelligize.

What type of content does Intelligize provide?

Insights Into Action

Whether you work in a law firm, a corporation or somewhere else, people rely on you to turn raw data into powerful insights. But you’ve got better things to do than spend hours researching and analyzing information that’s meaningless to your work. Intelligize puts an end to that challenge. More than just an SEC database search, its advanced search and analysis tools  deliver everything you need in less time, and with more accuracy. So you can quickly turn insights into actions that optimize your compliance strategy.

  • Identify “What’s Market” with proprietary technology and algorithms that calculate frequency of disclosure topics
  • View a graphical breakdown of topics commented on by SEC examiners with robust visualization tools
  • Quickly compare amendments or SEC Comments made to previously searched filings with redline capability
  • Search nearly 2,000 sections and topics with proprietary data tagging
  • See how others in your industry are reporting on disclosure topics with unmatched benchmarking capabilities
  • Precise alerting capability brings your immediate attention to relevant disclosures from companies of interest

Your Success Is a Team Effort

Just because Intelligize is easy to use doesn’t mean you won’t need our help from time to time. Tap into the expertise of our teams made up of knowledgeable subject matter experts.

What type of support resources does Intelligize offer? 

  • Research Team – Get help with your most complex search requirements. Our experts are ready to dig deep on your behalf.
  • Account Management and Knowledge Management Teams – Improve your research techniques with custom training. Sign up for online or in-person training and our experts will show you how it’s done.

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Intelligize is both intuitive and expansive, making it easy to find that one precedent you know is out there, or to identify the risk factor that is missing from an issuer’s disclosure document. Other platforms we tried seemed to require on-going training or constant use in order to be utilized efficiently. Intelligize was clearly designed with the practitioner in mind.

Senior Vice President
Fortune 500 Banking Company