Intelligize enables professionals to better answer complex business questions by providing Corporations, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, and Government Agencies the best resources for compliance and regulatory information in order to analyze, benchmark and identify precedent.

Intelligize changes how professionals access and extract relevant business data, and perform fundamental analysis of regulatory content in a fraction of the time. The efficiency of the Intelligize platform allows you to spend less time researching and more time gaining insight, mitigating risk and acting faster with more complete information. Intelligize targets exactly what you need and streamlines the information gathering process like no other offering.

What makes Intelligize different is how our content is processed, reformatted, and indexed at the clause level. Filter your search results by specific concepts, topics, principles, rules and regulations. Additionally, users can set up alerts to track and update saved results; keeping you informed of changes and additions so you are better positioned to cut out the noise and drive up accuracy when mining SEC filings and documents.

Intelligize Offers:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • A constantly growing, real-time database containing all electronically filed SEC documents and exhibits
  • Powerful search, filter and retrieval capabilities to rapidly identify and leverage information
  • Global and cross compare capabilities with redlining tools allowing for comparison of multiple documents instantly and alleviating the time spent conducting additional research to confirm relevant search results
  • Effortlessly monitor and stay in-the-know by automatically receiving notification and documents linked to customized alerts
  • Identify and incorporate information that actually informs through Intelligize’s unique analysis and abstract views coupled with the ability to track developing and trending topics

Intelligize Applications Include:

Registered Offerings

The Intelligize Registered Offerings database allows users to efficiently research and analyze all 33Act and 34Act offerings registered with the SEC from 2010 to present by allowing for searching within the clauses paragraph, sub clause, or phase of not only offering documents, but all documents related to a specific deal to minimize ‘false positives’ as well as specifically identifying the individual names of attorneys who are involved in a transaction and linking underwriting agreements to all of the deal documents in a transaction as opposed to only the registration statement. This module brings powerful and detained search functionality that is unique to registered debt and equity issues using search options that address Registered Offering specific terms and agreements within the deal.

With over 50 different filter types, including security type, agreement type, clause, section, index, and filer type, Intelligize users are able to minimizing the ‘false positives’ and get to the best and final set of answers for drafting and analyzing. The Intelligize Registered Offerings module allows for searching within the clause paragraph, sub clause, or phrase of not only offering documents, but all documents related to a specific deal from comment letters to the prospectuses, underwriting agreements or indentures, while also limiting by key values such as size, type.

SEC Filings

The Intelligize SEC Filings application within the Intelligize platform is an unparalleled solution, quickly and efficiently searching, retrieving, and analyzing SEC filings. With advanced filters, users can track specific parts of documents to locate particular elements within a set of documents. This tool comes equipped with the most comprehensive analytics and comparison tools, enabling users to find the most relevant precedents. The application also offers custom filters such as date filed, form type, accounting standard, and amendments. Subscribers can easily view redline changes, link to the exhibits by reference, and identify if a filing has been amended or has received SEC comments. This allows a Intelligize users to see current information from the SEC within the Intelligize Platform.

Section Analysis & Trends

The Intelligize Section Analysis and Trends application, integrated into the Intelligize platform, is complied of clauses, sections, and items extracted from filings to allow efficient benchmarking and analysis of key disclosures in the filings, such as 10-K’s, Proxies, S-1’s, and other filings and amendments. To aid in searches, a unique algorithm normalizes clauses, grouping files that deal with similar topics into the same category. ‘What’s Market’ is displayed in the application, calculated by the frequency of clauses within filings that meet specific criteria. This technology makes searching within the application a breeze.

Regulatory Materials

The Intelligize Regulatory Materials database is complied of regulatory materials from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations.The Regulatory Materials application within the Intelligize platform provides access to statutes, rules, regulations, and other materials pertinent to US markets. The application offers the most comprehensive database of regulatory materials in the market, including proposed rules, final rules, and IC releases, administrative proceedings, and other enforcement materials.

No-Action Letters

The Intelligize No-Action Letters application within the Intelligize platform contains all electronically released no-action letters from the SEC. Powerful filtering tools enable the user to search for specific, relevant SEC staff opinions. With all electronic no-action letters, users can search a number of different keywords and phrases such as shareholder proposals and reconsideration requests, as well as filters by SEC position or divisions and sub-divisions within Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Trade and Markets, and Office of the Chief Accountant.

Comment Letters

The Intelligize Comment Letters application is integrated into the Intelligize platform. It contains all electronically released SEC comments on company filings, as well as the response letters from company filers. The Comment Letter application identifies specific issues the have previously drawn attention from SEC examiners and retrieves on-point responses by peers to similar comments. Subscribers can conduct a search with ease using SEC examiner, topic, the responding law firm, or numerous other filters. All search results reveal each letter within a correspondence, including individual comments matched with each response to the comment, creating a thread that is inclusive to multiple letters. Additional analytical tools provide a graphical charts of topics commented on by each SEC examiner, as well as the ability to do further analysis.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Intelligize Mergers & Acquisitions application within the Intelligize platform contains an expansive index of transactions, each valued at $1 million or more. Each complex transaction contains a complied amount of relevant filings and exhibits, such as the merger agreement or a press release announcing the deal. Intelligize users can search for transactions and deal terms using filters such as target/ acquirer, transaction type, or transaction size. To view only completed deals, users can limit a search to relevant transactions that have material agreements attached and agreements that are definitive.

Exempt Offerings

Within the Intelligize platform, the Exempt Offerings application contains offering memos and international prospect uses for unregistered offerings under Rule 144A, Regulation S, Regulation D, and several other exemptions. The offerings are a collection of documents that are typically difficult to find, and many are international prospectuses that are rare in the Intelligize database. The information has been taken from documents, creating searchable categories such as company/ issuer, security type, exemption used, and many other advanced filters. Information is then extrapolated from private and foreign offering documents so users can search by company/ issuer, security type, exemptions used and make advanced filters. All of the documents are fully text searchable, making it easier to quickly find information.