The Intelligize platform provides the legal, financial accounting and compliance departments within an organization with the power to prepare SEC filings and view industry and regulatory trends with greater efficiency. Through easy-to-use search and filtering tools, users can quickly and easily create and review SEC disclosure documents, pinpoint the most appropriate precedent language, respond to or preempt altogether SEC Comments, research primary and secondary regulatory materials and stay current on what’s market standard disclosure. The net result: the ability to work more efficiently with outside accounting and legal counsel as well as produce better quality disclosure.

General Counsel & Corporate Secretaries

The Intelligize platform offers a comprehensive database of SEC filings as well as trending and smart comparison tools to help in-house corporate legal professionals identify and stay on top of changes to specific disclosure items by peer companies. The tools Intelligize provides identify disclosure trends in light of new rules and regulations and creates a common platform for discussion with your outside counsel. The Intelligize platform also assists with the day-to-day responsibilities of serving as the in-house counsel. For instance, counsel uses the platform to find relevant language for various types of agreements, from employment agreements to partner agreements. Other common uses include benchmarking disclosure on topics such as executive compensation and risk factors in filings, to name a few, or quickly finding guidance for SEC staff comments.

Finance & Accounting Professionals

A company’s financial statements can be quite complex. They may include an extensive set of notes to the financial statements and management discussion and analysis. The Intelligize platform helps you prepare your company’s financial reports with confidence and ease. You can easily search financial reports and filter your results by multiple accounting-specific concepts, topics, principles, rules and regulations. For instance, you can benchmark the notes to financial statements or other financial statement disclosures to those from your peer firms. You can quickly compare methodologies such as revenue recognition or fair value measurement across multiple companies and even quickly see how organizations have changed these over time. In addition, since a number of the comments from the SEC are financial related, you can use the solution to find other companies with similar comments and see how they responded.

Corporate Compliance Officers

As the Corporate Compliance Officer you have the responsibility to review the company’s internal policies and procedures to ensure that federal and state laws and regulations are met. You also must focus on how to mitigate risks as well as how to reach strategic, operational and financial reporting objectives. Corporate Compliance Officers utilize the Intelligize platform to benchmark challenges, such as compliance issues, against peer firms. They also use the solution to track top reporting issues raised by the SEC for other companies in their industry by looking at SEC comment letters. The Intelligize platform makes it easy to ensure that all disclosures are included in your filings by allowing you to efficiently benchmark to peer firms while keeping you up on the latest reporting trends.