Who We Serve

Serving Legal, Government, Academic and Business Professionals

In today’s fast-paced and ultra-competitive environment, law firms, accounting firms and corporations need every advantage they can get, and that starts with smarter ways to streamline their work processes. The Intelligize platform is designed to help customers optimize the time and effort spent on SEC research tasks, draft and update filings more efficiently, simplify the preparation of agreements, stay on top of disclosure trends among peers and competitors, keep abreast of SEC rules and regulations and ultimately clear regulatory review faster.

Law Firms – Determine market standard disclosure language; analyze trends in SEC comment letters to avoid disclosure missteps; prepare, draft and update filings, exhibits and material agreements more efficiently; get relevant written opinion and analysis pieces from peer law firms.

Accounting and Consulting Professionals – Determine market standard SEC disclosure requirements language related to financial reporting; analyze trends in SEC comment letters related to auditing and accounting; find the latest SEC rules and regulations impacting auditors and accountants; get relevant, written opinion and analysis pieces from the Big 4.

Corporate Professionals – Pinpoint disclosure trends in your industry; compare, draft and update corporate governance and policy documents; keep abreast of the latest SEC rules and news, including reporting requirements and enforcement actions; collaborate more effectively with legal and accounting advisors.

Government Professionals – The Intelligize platform provides powerful tools for the financial, legal and Government departments with the power to prepare SEC filings and view industry and regulatory trends with greater efficiency. Subscribers can quickly access and read SEC disclosure documents, locate the most appropriate language, read and select comments made by the SEC, staying updated on marketplace financial transactions.

Academic Professionals – Savvy law schools and business schools seek to indoctrinate their students in what will become an invaluable tool of the students’ future corporate practice. Participating law schools ensure graduating students are well-versed in SEC compliance research and analysis, allowing them to become even more competitive in the job market. Participating business schools allow Intelligize to inculcate accounting professionals and business leaders with access to the most current company financials and use research to predict future corporate trends through XBRL data manipulation.

Financial and Investment Professionals – Through easy-to-use search and filtering tools, Financial and Investment professionals are better positioned to cut out the noise and drive up accuracy when mining SEC filings. Immediately see exactly how all publicly traded companies are approaching key disclosures in every section of their 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, Proxy and other filings.