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Redline functionality

See how to use Intelligize’s redline functionality

Law Firm Relationships

Identify the relationships between public entities and the law firms they work with.


Conduct, track and monitor investigation related research in Intelligize

Section Analysis & Trends

In this exciting 5 min. video, you’ll learn all about the Intelligize Section Analysis & Trends module.

SEC Filings

Watch this video to learn how to use Intelligize for SEC Filings.

No-Action Letters

This riveting video takes you through the exciting world of No-Action Letters.

Agreements & Other Exhibits

In less than 7 minutes, you’ll be a pro at our Agreements & Other Exhibits module.

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Quick Start Guides

Contracts as Model Doc – Pulling Material Agreements

Contracts as Model Doc – Pulling Material Agreements

Customizing your Company Insights homescreen

Learn how to customize Company Insights by choosing up to 10 miniboxes to display on your home page.

Compare Companies in Company Insights

In this guide we are going to start out by looking at Microsoft (MSFT) in Company Insights. We want to take a closer look at not only MSFT, but also some of its peers.

Peer Company Search Quick Start Guide

Quickly and efficiently find peers as listed in a company’s proxy.

Setting up an Alert on Intellgize

Set alerts and keep track of what is important to you.

Accessing Merger & Acquisition Information on Intellgize

Find specific deal points dealing with M&A activity.

Reviewing SEC Comment Letters on Intelligize

Review Comment Letters to gain insights into the evolving regulatory stance of the SEC.

Benchmarking on Intelligize

Use Intelligize for peer analysis and benchmarking.

Using the Redline Tool on Intelligize

Use Redline to see changes when comparing documents.
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Securities and Exchange Commission Brings Back Misconduct Admissions Policy

Cancel culture is a hot topic in everything from celebrities to academia to sports. Impolite – or just plain offensive – actio...

Executive Compensation: Clawback to the Future

It may seem like only yesterday to politicians, lobbyists and bankers, but the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protecti...

New EU Sustainability Reporting Standards Could Offer Blueprint for U.S.

In the United States, the Green New Deal is a political hot-button issue. In Europe, it’s a set of policies that already have be...
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The Conscience of Corporations: Public Company ESG Adoption

This summer, we surveyed a broad spectrum of individuals, including compliance professionals, members of the C-suite, and professional advisors like accountants, lawyers, and investor relations professionals about a topic of increasing concern: the reporting of information relating to their companies’ “ESG” efforts. We asked a broad spectrum of companies, across a broad spectrum of industries, […]

Human Capital Disclosure Report: Learning on the Job

The SEC’s new rule on human capital disclosure leaves a whole lot of room for interpretation. Instead of requiring public companies to reveal hard numbers about their workforces (on compensation, racial composition or a host of other metrics), it asked them only to provide “a description of the registrant’s human capital.” So in this first […]

2021 Playbook on ESG Shareholder Proposals

Black Lives Matter. Raging wildfires. A deadly pandemic. A bitter election. The issues dominating American life in 2020 related closely to environmental, social, and governance topics. The same could be said of the 2020 proxy season, during which shareholder proposals on ESG topics received record levels of support. In Intelligize’s latest report, we take a […]

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