Section Analysis & Trends

Section Analysis & Trends Solution

The Intelligize Section Analysis & Trends Application allows for detailed searching of major filings at the provision and clause level. From there use powerful redline comparison tools to easily and accurately illuminate differences (subtle or broad).

Product Features

  • The Intelligize Section Analysis & Trends database contains selected clauses, sections, and items extracted from major filings, including those on forms 10-K, 10-Q, 20-F, 8-K, S-1, S-3, S-11, F-1, 424B1 to 8, DEF 14A and DEF 14C, including amendments.
  • Clauses have been extracted from the majority of filings made on these forms, from 2008 to the present.
  • Clauses are normalized whenever possible, so that clauses that deal with similar topics – such as risk factors related to “conflict minerals” – are grouped into the same category.
  • Intelligize determines “What’s Market” by calculating the frequency of clauses within filings that meet specified criteria.


Interactive Trends Analysis Graph

(Illustration from the Intelligize platform)


Section Analysis & Trends


Key Benefits

  • Spend less time researching and more time applying insight to your periodic reports
  • Spot trends through graphical analysis of the latest disclosure documents to inform your reporting practices
  • Gain competitive advantage by benchmarking industry peer/competitor reports to identify the latest risks
  • Incorporate advanced filtering to produce more accurate, relevant and scenario based results