Company Filings

SEC Filings

The SEC Filings application within the Intelligize platform is a groundbreaking tool for quickly and efficiently searching, retrieving, and analyzing SEC filings. With advanced filtering, users can pinpoint specific elements within a set of documents, such as accounting standard, fiscal year end, amendments, and many more.

This application comes equipped with advanced analytics and comparison tools, helping users identify the most relevant precedents, as well as custom filters like date filed, form type, accounting standard, and amendments.  Users can easily review redline changes, link to the exhibits incorporated by reference, and identify if a filing has been amended or received SEC comments.

Section Analysis & Trends

The Section Analysis and Trends application within the Intelligize platform is made up of clauses, sections, and items extracted from filings to allow efficient benchmarking and analysis of key disclosures in the filings, such as 10-K’s, Proxies, S-1’s, and other filings and amendments.

To aid in searches, a unique algorithm normalizes clauses, so files that deal with similar topics are grouped into the same category. The application displays ‘What’s Market’ by calculating the frequency of clauses within filings that meet the specific criteria.

Agreements & Other Exhibits

The Agreements & Other Exhibits application within the Intelligize platform offers a comprehensive database of exhibits and agreements to help users prepare better quality documents by determining market standard language for agreements.

The application can be searched by number, title, and several other exhibit-specific filters such as the position and salary in an employee agreement. Clients can also search for exhibits within specific clauses, such as credit agreements with negative covenants titled ‘Liens’, and specific keywords that appear within those clauses, such as ‘Asset Backed Loan’.