Harness the power of Intelligize™ and Lexis® Securities Mosaic®, combined with our industry experts to ensure you stay compliant, build stronger deals and agreements, and deliver value to your shareholders.

Periodic Reporting Preparation

Finding precedents & market standard language

  • Quickly find relevant precedents and SEC responses
  • Spend less time searching and more time devising the optimum disclosure strategy
  • Mitigate risk with optimal disclosure language
  • Incorporate a global perspective around compliance precedents
  • Identify specific clause language to support key contracts and agreements drafting

  • Connected content across SEC filings and exhibits, comment letters and interpretations
  • Intuitive user interface to limit searches by peer group, market cap, industry, etc.
  • “What’s Market” calculated by frequency of clauses that meet specified criteria
  • Precedents and market standards from international filings
  • Research support from subject matter experts

Following comment letter discussions

  • Optimize disclosures in response to evolving regulatory positions
  • Track individual Comment Letter threads with subsequent responses in the chain
  • Look across multiple companies and see how they have answered a specific question
  • Perform trends analysis

  • Comment letters and responses between issuers and SEC examiners
  • Normalized content for search across comment letters by topic and individual SEC examiners to analyze topics that they tend to raise
  • View graphical analysis around trends associated with comment letter correspondences

Risk factor & MD&A disclosures

  • Access new insights into the filings of peers for Risk Factors, MD&A and Notes to Financials
  • Reduce the effort required to analyze specific disclosures
  • Mitigate the risk of regulatory scrutiny and potential litigation

  • Ranking of risk factors disclosed by companies
  • Risk factors categorized into 455 subjects
  • MD&A disclosures and Notes to Financials broken down into industry practice sub-sections
  • Searches at the subject and sub-section level with a wide range of filters

Compliance Research

Growing maze of SEC rules & regulations

  • Stay on top of regulatory changes and interpretive guidance from the SEC
  • Leverage insights from the top global law and accounting firms
  • Mitigate the risk of SEC Comment Letters
  • Expansive coverage of regulatory organizations
  • Track the latest rulemaking initiatives

  • Intelligize captures and categorizes interpretive guidance, SEC Comment Letters, No-Action Letters, and firm memos/articles
  • Intuitive interface for searching across statutes, rules, regulations, etc.
  • Securities Mosaic broadens your coverage to more than 53 different regulatory bodies
  • Alerting to track when new SEC releases or firm memos/articles are published
  • Securities Mosaic Dodd-Frank and ACA trackers position you to react to the most recent rule changes

Responding to external events

  • Quickly identify trending disclosures and material agreements from peers
  • React with the right language in your own public disclosures in response to external events (e.g. Brexit)
  • Maintain awareness of relevant news reports, blogs and publications

  • Breadth of content across SEC filings, material agreements and exhibits, Comment Letters, SEC guidance and firm
  • memos delivers a rich source of insights
  • Break down and categorization of disclosures enables search by topics
  • Securities Mosaic News & Blogs provides access to critical capital markets intelligence

Keeping up with developments at competitors

  • Automate the task of tracking relevant disclosures from peers
  • Reduce research time and ensure you’re always on top of the latest developments
  • Uncover intelligence on customers, employee matters, M&A, insider information, etc.
  • Incorporate international filings for a global perspective

  • Universal topic searching for a group of companies across multiple form types
  • Redlining tool to compare current and historical disclosures
  • Alerts based on topics, transaction types, keywords, etc. automatically bring attention to relevant disclosures from companies of interest
  • Securities Mosaic international filings allow you to maintain a global view of business and compliance matters

Benchmarking & Peer Analysis

Disclosure benchmarking & agreement drafting

    • Effortless comparison of disclosure language between peer companies to identify the market standard
    • Mitigate risks by adopting language sourced from a wide universe
    • Analyze peer reporting on specific disclosure topics
    • Strengthen your competitive position and support contracts and agreements drafting

  • Universal topic searching for peer companies across filings, agreements and exhibits, corporate governance documents, comment letters, etc.
  • Compare tool automatically redlines your language for a specific clause against multiple peer companies
  • Support team comprised of experienced SEC researchers

Professionals We Serve

  • C-Suite
  • Chief Accountant / Controller
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Filings Manager
  • General Counsel
  • Investor Relations
  • Research Professional

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