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Accounting Advisory Firm Speeds Up Discovery of Disclosure Language

Case Study: Optimizing SEC disclosure strategy and language for periodic disclosures and emerging accounting standards

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Pine Hill Group provides integrated accounting, financial reporting, and transaction advisory services focused on driving success for your most critical and complex business objectives. During every stage of the business lifecycle, we collaborate with companies to deliver accounting and financial reporting advice related to mergers, acquisitions, and other transformational events.


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Philadelphia, New York City, Princeton

Pine Hill assists private and public companies, as well as private equity firms with: Accounting and Financial Reporting, Emerging Accounting Standards, Interim Financial Management, Buy/Sell Side Due Diligence, Post-Closing Integration, Transactional Accounting, Valuation

“When we are advising a client on disclosures, Intelligize enables us to look at specific footnotes across a number of industry peers to draw comparisons. We use that data to determine and draft the appropriate disclosures for companies and their auditors. This information is invaluable especially when a client requires new disclosures because of the ever-changing business climate, a major transaction or new rules that have been introduced by the SEC.”

says George Sarianos

Senior Manager, Pine Hill Group

What Challenges Was Pine Hill Facing?

Determining how to draft footnotes for financial statements

  • The challenge is to determine the most up-to-date disclosures based on new accounting standards or SEC requirements.
  • Drafting disclosures taking into consideration SEC comments on specific topics, would historically have required a significant time commitment.

“Having access to peer company SEC disclosures around a particular topic allows us to provide a better level of service to our clients. The alternative—sorting through SEC filings—is extremely time consuming and results in increased hours to get to the right answer.”

says George Sarianos

Tracking the latest disclosures for new and emerging accounting standards

  • Drafting disclosures that significantly deviate from peer groups for newly converged standards, such as revenue recognition, may result in an SEC comment.
  • Even before the formal ad option of a new standard, the SEC expects companies to provide investors with insights as to how it will impact the financial statements.
  • As emerging standards are implemented, disclosures need to provide more clarity on how the financials reflect changes to reporting requirements



Pine Hill utilizes Intelligize to support companies in preparing their 10-Ks and 10-Qs, as well as implementing new and emerging accounting standards.

Intelligize is a leading SEC analytics solution that enables accounting professionals to develop insights from filings, associated exhibits and SEC examiner responses.

Intelligize enables Pine Hill to identify market standard language used by clients’ peer companies and to receive alerts regarding new disclosures or SEC comments on emerging standards or topics. Pine Hill also utilizes the Intelligize tools to inform disclosure drafting for non-public clients based on the most up-to-date information.

“Intelligize does a good job of tagging disclosures for peer companies. Instead of spending hours sifting through SEC documents, Intelligize allows us to quickly locate the specific disclosures of interest in the financial statements,”

says George Sarianos

Value Delivered

Quickly find relevant precedents from peers to share with clients

  • SEC disclosures are tagged and filtered in Intelligize, giving Pine Hill unmatched flexibility and speed in researching new language across peer companies.
  • The intuitive user interface and advanced filtering guides the user, making it easy to limit searches by peer group, market cap, industry etc., and then by section in the filing.
  • Links back to the original filings and exports to excel or PDF formats enable Pine Hill to easily share results with clients and collaborate on new language.


Stay on top of language used and SEC comments for new and emerging accounting standards

  • Find and analyze language being used broadly or by peer companies around emerging accounting standards such as revenue recognition, leasing or credit losses.
  • Pine Hill uses alerts in Intelligize to track disclosures for emerging standards to see how the disclosure language evolves as the adoption date approaches.
  • Pine Hill receives notifications when an article or memo from a Big 4 accounting or law firm is published.

“We use Intelligize to get a sense of how much detail peer companies provide for a new disclosure in a given industry. For example, we look at what companies are disclosing about their revenue recognition adoption, how much information they provide, what/if any SEC comments are regarding those disclosures, how those comments are being addressed, and so on.”

says George Sarianos


Pine Hill Group’s Accounting Advisory practice was looking for efficiencies in the time it takes to find disclosure language from peer companies, and to track the latest disclosures and SEC comments for new and emerging accounting standards. Intelligize’s tagging of content and intuitive user interface provided and continues to provide unmatched flexibility and speed in researching new language across peer companies. For emerging standards, Pine Hill uses alerts extensively to see how the level of disclosure, the language used, and SEC comments evolve as the adoption dates approach.

“Finding the information I need quickly frees me up to spend more time providing value added service to my clients.”

says George Sarianos

About Intelligize

Intelligize is the leading provider of best-in-class content, exclusive news collections, regulatory insights, and powerful analytical tools for compliance and transactional professionals. We offer a web-based research platform that ensures law firms, accounting firms, corporations, and other organizations stay compliant with government regulations, build stronger deals and agreements, and deliver value to their shareholders and clients.

Our Customer

With more than 10 years of accounting and financial reporting experience, Mr. Sarianos has deep knowledge of SEC/GAAP reporting, emerging standards, internal controls, and financial management for both public and private companies, as well as private equity firms.

George Sarianos Senior Manager, Accounting Advisory Services Pine Hill Group


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