Savvy law schools and business schools seek to indoctrinate their students in what will become an invaluable tool of the students’ future corporate practice. Participating law schools ensure graduating students are well-versed in SEC compliance research and analysis, allowing them to become even more competitive in the job market. Participating business schools allow Intelligize to inculcate accounting professionals and business leaders with access to the most current company financials and use research to predict future corporate trends through XBRL data manipulation.

Development/Fundraising Offices

Administrative office directors, managers and analysts use Intelligize to simplify and expedite the wealth assessments of individuals and corporations. The development team can use the Company Box to retrieve any filing associated with a company of interest, including Subsidiaries Lists, Mergers & Acquisitions and Directors & Insiders. The office can quickly access information on Directors, Officers and Reporting Owners as well as Forms 3, 4 and 5. SEC Filings provides a school with the ability to use overlapping keyword searches in filings to return, for example, a DEF 14A Proxy Statement with a particular alumni’s name and the institution name simultaneously. Setting up customized alerts allows the office to keep abreast of any new filing made that mentions alumni or the school itself. The Corporate Governance platform provides access to information such as Board of Director, Board Compensation and Board Share Ownership complied from filings and scrubs individual company websites to bring in board, compliance and ethics information that is not even required to be filed with the SEC.


Academic research professionals, professors and students alike all benefit from the user-friendly interface and powerful comparison tools. Librarians tasked with facilitating professional academic research and large survey projects appreciate the unique capabilities Intelligize provides as measured against the more traditional legal research providers and can speak to the distinct value of the platform. Professors have incorporated Intelligize widely into both instruction and scholarship; spanning everything from inclusion on corporate class syllabi for M&A, Financial Regulation and general Corporate law classes to using SEC Filings in academic research to provide the core analysis behind surveys of industries and corporate legal trends and Agreements & Other Exhibits to construct agreement level analysis of language and terms that augments industry-influencing instruction and commentary.